Buffalo Grove Trustees Officially Approve Woodman’s

After months of tweaking plans and holding public hearings, Buffalo Grove village trustees Monday night gave final approval to construct a 242,000 sq. ft. Woodman’s Food Market at the northwest corner of Deerfield Parkway and Milwaukee Avenue. The store, which will be open around the clock daily, will provide 589 parking spaces.

The development includes a gas station with eight dispensers under a canopy, a carwash and quick lube station.

At the southwest corner of Deerfield and Milwaukee, Shorewood Development Group, the contract purchaser of the entire 25 acres on both sides of the road, will develop the remaining 5.5 acres with a mix of commercial/retail uses including two drive-through restaurants and a bank with a drive-through.

Shorewood will relocate its offices to the south end parcel from Milwaukee Avenue and Lake-Cook Road where they currently operate.

One condition of the approval is Shorewood cannot fill any of its tenant spaces on the south end until they form a cross-access agreement with a strip center directly to the south off Milwaukee Avenue.

As part of the Economic Development Agreement, Woodman’s will be reimbursed $4 million for off-site roadway and intersection improvements plus an additional $3 million.

In order to promote Woodman’s to develop the project, and to assist them with the project, the village agrees to share certain sales tax revenue received by the village associated with the project.

Sales tax revenue received by the village from Woodman’s motor fuel sales and other sales tax revenue generated by Shorewood’s commercial/retail development is not included in the sales tax sharing.

Jim Arneson of Woodman’s told trustees he needs approval from the Illinois Dept. of Transportation (IDOT) and Lake County Dept. of Transportation (LCDOT) for the road improvements before any construction on the store begins.

He asked that village trustees help expedite the process, if possible.

Once approvals are granted, Arneson anticipates construction lasting 12-14 months before completion. He hopes to begin construction by summer and open by late summer or early fall 2018.

Shorewood partner Louis Schriber III told trustees he has letters of intent with prospective tenants for the southern retail center and is waiting to execute those leases. He said construction there would take 4-6 months before tenants start moving in.

Trustee Joanne Johnson said she was pleased with the mixed-use plans and opportunities that will be available for residents.

Trustee Jeff Berman stated the village board has already considered the effect Woodman’s would have on other grocers in town and hopes the impact will be minimal.

“We hope somehow there will be a large enough market for everyone.” Berman said.

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