We pride ourselves in relationships built on reliability, trust, and integrity.

At Shorewood, we're your trusted partners in property management. We oversee each space as though we own it, paying attention to the critical details while still focusing on the larger picture. Principled and disciplined, we’re a tenant-centric business. We understand that our word and reputation are vital to our success. Bringing years of experience to the table, we’ll protect your interests and your property.

Focus areas of property management


Lease Administration

We’ll oversee and track your rental leases, ensuring that all revenue is billed in accordance with the lease. We will prepare accurate and timely operating expense reconciliations, CAM, insurance, and tax reconciliations. Let us take the stress out of lease administration.

  • Rental lease oversight and tracking
  • Lease billing
  • Expense reconciliation
  • CAM, Insurance, and tax reconciliation

Tenant Relations

We represent the property owner professionally in all interactions with tenants. As a tenant-centric business, we’re immediately responsive to the requests and needs of the tenants to ensure that tenants continue to renew their lease agreements for years to come.

  • Professional property management
  • Tenant relations
  • Attend to tenant requests

Risk Management

Property management means mitigating risk. We understand the importance of protecting your interests and your assets. We’re proactive, carrying out maintenance and inspections on time. We work to maintain relationships, ensuring all processes are carried out to minimize liability and disagreement.

  • Manage risk with tenants
  • Manage relationships with third-party vendors
  • Mitigate risk with timely maintenance and inspections

Property Operations

Customers and visitors are drawn to well-maintained, first-class properties. We understand that curb appeal is essential to your business and reputation. We coordinate with vendors to carry out your property services carefully and diligently to meet and exceed your expectations.

  • Maintain curb appeal
  • Oversee common areas
  • Coordinate property service vendors
  • Manage operating expenses

Accounting & Reporting

Property management requires careful accounting and attention to your bookkeeping. Our financially experienced team will take care of the day-to-day processing of accounts receivable and payable, including preparing monthly financial statements, annual budgets, and maintaining cash flow.

  • A/R and A/P processing
  • Daily operations
  • Monthly financial statements
  • Annual budget preparation and cash flow management