Opportunistic. Persistent. Reliable.

At Shorewood, our company is led by a team of dedicated commercial real estate experts. We've been in the industry for years; we've seen the ups and downs of the market and we understand what's needed to succeed.

Real estate development requires flexibility, dedication, and calculated risk. We partner with our clients to take them through every step of the process. Our relationships with tenants, investors, municipalities, and third-party stakeholders help us bring your concept into reality. We have the industry relationships, experience, and dedication to see your project through and help you flourish.

Commercial space is more than real estate. It's an integral piece of the surrounding community. We'll help place you in the right markets for growth and space for your business to succeed long term. Let us take you to your next phase of growth.

We help our real estate partners take challenging growth plans from concept to reality.



Real estate requires calculated risk. Our experienced leadership team of commercial real estate experts has the relationships and the foresight to identify a strong investment prospect. We invest our personal funding upfront in every project, partnering with stakeholders and relentlessly pursuing targeted outcomes. We’re creative problem-solvers who know how to identify potential.



Our persistence sets us apart. We evaluate opportunities and see the potential to create lasting value. We tirelessly pursue the best locations for our real estate clients. We know that development takes time, trust, and a careful balance. We work hard on the front end to vet and mitigate risk and underwrite conservatively. Our meticulous attention to detail, tenacity, and persistence enables us to see each project through on time and with the desired results. 


Property Management

Integrity is at the heart of everything we do. In this business, we know reputation is everything, which is why we've worked hard to keep ours solid. We're your trusted partners, managing the property as though it's our own. We pay attention to minor details while always keeping an eye on the big picture. With the right processes, procedures, and experience, we know how to manage your commercial real estate and protect your investment from now into the future.